2 years ago

Everyone has been to a swimming pool at least more than once in our lifetime.

We all have been to a pool area at least a few times in our lifetime. I am sure you have seen the drains around the perimeter of the swimming pools.

Water in a swimming pool is required to be constantly circulated through a filtering sys read more...

2 years ago

A channel drain (trench drain) is a type of floor drain that has a channel shaped body characterized by its long length and narrow width.

A channel drain is actually exactly What is street furniture? like a trench drain. In actual fact, you'll find names including line drain, slot drain, linear dr read more...

2 years ago

Moving back as far as the Roman times, in ancient Rome Man has started using stone to protect drain covers.

The layman term for drain cover (grate) is manhole cover. Say "manhole cover" and images of spies/heros making use of the underground sewage system popping out of manhole cover in Hollywood films appear.

Historically since that time Man i